Peer Note-taking

Note-taking is an Essential Service provided by Counselling &  Accessible Education Services to Support Students with Disabilities.

As a Peer Note-taker your Notes:

  • Allow students to focus and participate in class
  • Increase the confidence of students knowing they have reliable notes to study from
  • Provide equal learning opportunities for students with learning challenges
  • Provide supplementary student notes
  • Increase note-taking skills for students

What Can I Expect As a Note-taker?

  • Orientation and Training to your role as Note-taker
  • Ongoing Support and Communication with the AES staff
  • Co-Curricular Recognition to enhance your portfolio
  • Experience to add to your resume
  • $75.00 Honorarium per assigned course

Interested in Becoming a Peer Note-taker?


 Terms of Agreement

  • Peer Note-takers must be in good Academic Standing – I give Accessible Education Services (AES) permission to access my academic record for verification and approval purposes.
  • Peer Note-takers must be registered in the courses they have listed above – I give AES permission to access my current timetable to verify current courses
  • I agree if requested to provide a sample of my hand written and/or computerized notes
  • When I am notified and agree to an assignment, I will meet with the AES Facilitator to review and sign the Peer Note-taker Agreement, Code of Conduct and complete the training as per my role as Note-taker

As Peer Note-taking is based on student need, only those applicants selected will be contacted.

Please note: the need for note-taking fluctuates throughout the semester, we encourage students to check their Fleming email regularly for active assignments.

Still Have Questions about Note-taking? Contact AES Services at:

Sutherland AES Services:
705-749-5530 X 1317

Frost Tutoring and Academic Skills Centre:
705-324-9144 X 3280