First at Fleming

We are still working on the details. Registration for the First at Fleming 2019 will be available at the end of March.

First at Fleming is a two day orientation program for students with Learning Disabilities, Mild Intellectual Disabilities (MID), and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD or ADHD).

Why would you want to attend First at Fleming?

  • Learn about the transition from high school to college and what you can do to make that transition go smoothly
  • Harness your learning strengths to maximize your academic success
  • Meet key disability service providers including your counsellor, the assistive technologists and the learning strategy team
  • Try our assistive technology
  • Meet, learn and socialize with other students
  • Take care of last minute business (such as get a locker, buy your textbooks, get your student ID)
  • Explore the campus before the halls are crowded

Is there a maximum number of students who can be accepted into the program?

Yes, we have to limit the program to 60 students due to space limitations. So please be sure to get your completed registration form, documentation and cheque to us by the registration deadline: July 27.

What are the documentation requirements to attend First at Fleming?

Students with learning disabilities and mild intellectual disabilities must have a psychoeducational assessment in order to be eligible for First at Fleming. If yours is more than 4 years old, send it and we will discuss the process for getting it updated. Students with ADD/ADHD must send your psychoeducational assessment if you have one. If you have ADD/ADHD but no psychoeducational assessment, please send an OSAP Disability Verification form completed by your health care provider.

If I register for the Summer Transition Program, do I have to register with Accessible Education Services too?

No, once you have sent us your documentation for First at Fleming, we will contact you to set up your appointment with an accessibility counsellor who will work with you to set up your accommodations for the Fall.

Can parents attend?

Parents may choose to attend the Transitions & Expectations session on the first day where we will discuss the types of services available, student responsibilities, and the Bursary for Students With Disabilities. There will be ample time for a question and answer period.

Is there a fee?

Yes, it is $50.00 which you can send with your registration form.

Will there be food?

Yes!! On the first day we will have refreshments available at the Welcome session. We will be giving you a cafeteria (Fleming Food Services) gift card which you will be able to use to buy your lunches (and snacks) both days. Dinner won’t be included. You should know that in Peterborough the only food options will be Tim Horton’s. In Linsday, the cafeteria will be open.

Where will I sleep?

We aren’t able to provide overnight accommodations, so students will have to make their own arrangements.

What is the schedule for First at Fleming?

We start at 10:00 and end at 4:00 on the first day and start at 9:00 and end at 3:00 on the second day.

What are my next steps?