Transition Module

COVID-19 Update

The college is closed for the time being but we are still working. While we are delivering our courses in a remote format, your first appointment with your accessibility counsellor will be done remotely. If you decide that you would like to complete and share your Transition Module 1 with your counsellor, you will need to email it to them. The counselling receptionist at your campus can give you their email address is you don’t know it. Just click on the Meet our Team tab, then the campus you will be attending to get the contact info for the counselling receptionist.

As a student with a disability, we encourage you to review and complete this module prior to your counselling appointment. This information can help you to have a greater understanding of your unique learning profile and needs. Furthermore, it can help you in your appointment to implement the most appropriate accommodations. If you complete the module, please bring it with you to your first appointment.

Module 1 – Preparing for Your Accommodation Appointment

Note for Google Chrome users:
Modules filled out using Chrome will not be saved properly. You must download the document to your computer first, close Google Chrome, and then open the file in Adobe Reader to fill it out.