Academic Staff Election


There are three nominees for the Academic Governor position on Fleming College’s Board of Governors, term commencing September 2019: Thomas Luloff; Mike Rember; and Fred Wood. Each nominee and their statement of intent are listed below.

Voting commences on Monday May 27th at 9:00am and adjourns on Tuesday May 28th at 4:00pm. Voting information will be sent via: College Communication on Monday May 27th. The Academic Governor is nominated and elected (based on majority vote) by members of their constituent group, therefore, only Academic members (employed full or part-time by the College as a professor, counsellor, instructor or librarian) may vote.

Sincere thanks to the nominees for your interest in being part of Fleming College’s Board of Governors.

Academic Governor Nominees
**Nominees are listed in alphabetical order

Thomas Luloff – Full-time Faculty, School of Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences
Institutional-wide engagement is key to fully representing academics at Fleming College. I draw upon my experience as faculty and program coordinator at the Frost campus as well as my current roles as Chair of Fleming College Academic Council, faculty union steward, and my temporary secondment as Quality Assurance Project Lead. I have served on several committees including: Strategic Planning Steering Committee, Probation/Advising working group, College Accommodations Committee, and Animal Care; and through these roles and opportunities, I have gained unique insight in the workings of the organization, been able to create and revise College policy and process, all while building relationships with my faculty peers across campuses.

Mike Rember – Part-time Faculty, School of Justice & Community Development
As a Fleming College, part-time instructor for the past 5 years, and member of the President’s Advisory Council since 2017, I have gained significant insight regarding the inner workings of the College, the value of its personnel, and the many changes that lie ahead.
Working for Toronto Fire Services, my career path took me from frontline work to participation with advisory and policy setting bodies at the municipal and provincial levels. Areas of involvement included training and technology, finance, academic standards and quality management. Recent contributions have resulted in the City’s recognition by Excellence Canada, and international accreditation of Toronto Fire Services. My input directly informed decision making by organizational directors managing an operating budget in excess of $490 million dollars. Moving forward, the same principles that guided my success as a private sector business owner are informing the new leadership and strategic direction of the College. These include a commitment to best practices, innovation, continuous improvement and employee satisfaction. With your support, I commit to making sure the voice of all employee classifications is heard and considered.

Fred Wood – Full-time Faculty, School of General Arts & Sciences
As I enter the final years of my tenure at Fleming, increasingly, I find value in the opportunity to nurture the aspirations of students’ and colleagues’ alike. Whether working here as a faculty, Program Coordinator or Subject Coordinator, or as a faculty member at Trent’s School of Education and Professional Learning, I have enjoyed many years of developing broader perspectives through reflective practice. If my experience would be valuable to the board, I would be grateful for the opportunity to serve Fleming College.