A tremendous opportunity exists for business and community leaders to join Fleming College’s Board of Governors in the Fall of 2019 and be part of redefining the future of post-secondary education for our local communities, Ontario, Canada and beyond.

Future Governors of Fleming College are:

Open ► You can’t build trust without openness and transparency. Thinking openly and without bias, being clear about what we do and why we do it – and answering any questions that arise honestly and respectfully.

Bold ► Daring goals don’t scare us – they drive us. We’re not afraid to defy conventions or perceptions of what we and our community can do or be. We go beyond what’s expected and what’s been done to blaze trails in new and different directions that other post-secondary institutions will want to follow.

Determined ► Our student, employees and our community know how to overcome difficulties – and we don’t stop at the first sign of trouble. Roadblocks, obstacles and indifference only drive us to work harder to create a better tomorrow.

Respectful ► Our compassion comes from empathy – our willingness and ability to put ourselves in another’s situation. It’s recognizing and respecting peoples’ differences and being cognizant that what we consider commonplace may not be the same for others of different cultures and backgrounds.

Please click here for the full position opportunity description.

How to Apply

If you are interested in further exploring this dynamic Fleming College Board of Governors opportunity, please:
First, click here to review the full Governor position profile and then submit the following:
1. a detailed resume,
2. cover letter (see additional information below); and
3. completed skills matrix (skills matrix in pdf format)
to the attention of Fleming College’s Board of Governors, Governance Committee c/o Sandra Armstrong directly at by June 28th, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. 

Your cover letter should highlight your relevant experience, connecting the dots between your background and the key competencies outlined in the position profile and express why serving as a Governor for Fleming College resonates with you.

We look forward to exploring your candidacy and appreciate your interest and consideration to serve Fleming College and its students and communities.