Geo Centre – General Information and Updates

August 27, 2018

Closeout Schedule – August 27, 2018.


  • Landscaping, August 25-31 On Schedule
  • Paving, August 22-23 Completed
  • Perimeter fence removal August 27 On Schedule
  • Temporary stair removal, August 27 Completed
  • Exterior Railing at Retaining Wall Pending new design


  • Drywall, August 16-24 Completed
  • Paint, August 16-27. Soffit Sealing August 29-30 On Schedule
  • Gutters, Downspouts, Parapet Capping August 28-31 On Schedule
  • Sign In Production
  • Ash Soffit and Benches, August 22-30 On Schedule
  • Elevator Inspection August 29 On Schedule
  • Siding Exterior and Interior, August 16-31 Working on weekend to meet schedule
  • Curtain Wall Glazing August 16-21 Completed
  • Temporary Doors August 24 Completed (Permanent Doors early September)
  • Pressure Plates and Caps August 27-28 On Schedule
  • HC Operators, August 28 – 29 On Schedule
  • Final Clean Level 1.5 rooms 102, 203 and associated corridors August 28-31 Final Clean rooms 102, 203 and 158 Aug 24, balance ongoing
  • HVAC August 20- Plumbing, Gas August 16 Completed

August 28, 2017 Physical Resources Projects Update

welcome back from summer vacations!

We are pleased to provide the following update on Physical Resources project activities and status at Frost Campus

GeoCentre and Environmental Sciences Renewal – Frost

  • Interior and exterior demolition work complete
  • Excavation work for new addition in progress and interior new construction underway
  • Atlantic Salmon Hatchery access and structural modifications in progress
  • Water main, sanitary and storm water system relocations complete this week
  • Escorted tours of construction areas will be conducted this week.   Please register at: Frost GeoCentre Construction Tours

Swing Spaces – Frost

  • Temporary Faculty offices established in 206 and 186 areas
  • Principal/ Dean office has been renovated and relocated to 202 area
  • Career Services has been refreshed and relocated to 289 area
  • Temporary classrooms (portables) will be onsite this week

Service Interruptions

In order to provide the best student experience possible, Physical Resources will make every effort to schedule service interruptions off hours and keep on hours interruptions to a minimum. Occasionally, however, impacts to normal day to day business activities will be unavoidable. These impacts may consist of:

  • General construction activity noise, odours, dust etc.
  • Power or water service interruptions
  • Traffic, parking, pedestrian walkway interruptions or delays
  • Washroom closures

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding while these activities are in progress.

Hazardous Materials and Indoor Air Quality

  • All areas under construction have undergone a Hazardous Building Materials Assessment
  • Minor abatement work has been completed in some areas targeted for construction, and will be ongoing as required
  • These areas will be isolated from operational areas while the work takes place
  • Post abatement inspections and air testing will be completed prior to re-opening for public access

Questions about these or other Physical Resources projects we encourage you to visit the “Projects” page on our website.

If you have any questions about these or other Physical Resources projects, visit the Projects page on our website or please reach out to;

Kim English, Manager, Health and Safety & Legislative Compliance ext. 1224.

Terry Williams, Director, Physical Resources ext. 1328