Geo Center & Environmental Sciences

The Geology and Environmental Sciences areas at Frost Campus have essentially remained in their initial state since construction in the early 1970’s. Very few minor renovations or upgrades have taken place in these areas of the building. The existing laboratory, classroom and general circulation spaces are dated and worn, accessibility between floors is a challenge, and the general access to this portion of the building does not present well and is not easily visible. This project is intended to address these and other needs by creation of a new exterior entrance, and an interior renovation creating versatile, flexible, dynamic learning labs and spaces for College Academic activities.



GeoCentre Photos

General Information and Updates

Frost Campus Geocentre

Closeout Schedule – August 27, 2018


  • Landscaping, August 25-31 On Schedule
  • Paving, August 22-23 Completed
  • Perimeter fence removal August 27 On Schedule
  • Temporary stair removal August 27 Completed
  • Exterior Railing at Retaining Wall Pending new design


  • Drywall, August 16-24 Completed
  • Paint, August 16-27. Soffit Sealing August 29-30 On Schedule
  • Gutters, Downspouts, Parapet Capping August 28-31 On Schedule
  • Sign In Production
  • Ash Soffit and Benches, August 22-30 On Schedule
  • Elevator Inspection August 29 On Schedule
  • Siding Exterior and Interior, August 16-31 Working on weekend to meet schedule
  • Curtain Wall Glazing August 16-21 Completed
  • Temporary Doors August 24 Completed (Permanent Doors early September)
  • Pressure Plates and Caps August 27-28 On Schedule
  • HC Operators, August 28 – 29 On Schedule
  • Final Clean Level 1.5 rooms 102, 203 and associated corridors August 28-31 Final Clean rooms 102, 203 and 158 Aug 24, balance ongoing
  • HVAC August 20- Plumbing, Gas August 16 Completed


Questions about these or other Physical Resources projects we encourage you to visit the “Projects” page on our website