Upcoming Projects

Week of April 11th, 2021

We are pleased to provide the following update on upcoming Physical Resources project activities at Sutherland, Frost, and Haliburton Campuses.


Elevator AODA Upgrade

  • AODA requirement

Roof Replacement

  • Repairs are on-going and needed to ensure the integrity of the building envelope

Asphalt Repairs

  • Repair negative impact of snow, salt, and failing asphalt

Fire Detector Isolation

  • Install computer and software at Fire Alarm Panel

Rainbow Crosswalk

  • Use colored concrete to create the Rainbow Crosswalk that celebrates diversity on Campus

CHUBB Access Card Replacement

  • New system will allow more control for HVAC system, lighting, and access for users of the college

New Lawnmower

  • New Toro Zero Turn Lawnmower for use on Sutherland Grounds to replace aging equipment

Presidents Suite

  • Renovations will provide better use of the existing space and allow the VP’s of the College to be located in one area

Replace Exterior Roof Membrane

  • Replacement of sections are necessary to maintain the integrity of the building envelope.  Upgrading using a TPO product that has a 25-year warranty

Steel Ceiling Replacement ‘C’ Wing

  • A more contemporary T-Bar Ceiling System will provide a cleaner, brighter look, and allow easier access to ductwork, pipes, and equipment for maintenance purposes


Standby Generators

  • Important due to power outages these generators will keep IT and other services from shutting down completely

Roof Repairs

  • Replace sections of existing roof membrane to maintain integrity of the building envelope

Exterior Glazing

  • Required to replace and improve the interior conditions

Exterior Door – Fieldhouse

  • A new door is required

Trans Canada Trail Paving

  • Pave section that passes through Frost Campus to provide a more suitable surface



Roof Repairs

  • Replace sections of existing roof membrane to maintain integrity of the building envelope

Repair Cabins

  • Repairs, and light Restoration of cabins for academic use

Wood Repair

  • Repair or Replace exterior wood that creates soffits on the main building

Fibre C Siding

  • Replace sections that are deteriorating