Spiritual Affairs

Finding a Spiritual Community in Peterborough, Lindsay or On Campus

The Diversity & Inclusion Office is here to welcome you to and help you connect with local community, including faith/spiritual groups. Several groups have clubs and activities on campus, including Catholic, Indigenous, Muslim and Sikh student associations or meeting spaces, and individuals can access the Quiet Reflection Rooms. A directory of local faith/spirituality groups is below. If you need any assistance connecting with a group, contact diversity@flemingcollege.ca

Quiet Reflection Rooms

Fleming College offers students a quiet space dedicated to the expression of faith and personal reflection. Students are welcome to use the room during normal campus hours of operation. Prayer mats and religious texts are available, as well as ablution stations (washing sinks, Peterborough campus only). Students are asked to respect others using the space and remove their footwear upon entering.

  • Sutherland Location:  C2 121 (between the Registrar’s Office and the Cafeteria, seen above)
  • Frost Location: Frost Student Association, Quiet Room
  • Information: diversity@flemingcollege.ca

Indigenous Cultural Spaces 

Indigenous Student Services provides spiritual services to indigenous students, such as:

  • Visiting Elders program
  • Access to Ceremony
  • Culturally safe spaces including an Indigenous Student Lounge & Tipi on both Peterborough and Lindsay campuses

The College is smudge friendly, and you may smudge in the Indigenous Student Lounge at any time. If you are smudging elsewhere, please let us know in advance so we may notify those who could be negatively affected due to allergies.

Indigenous Student Lounges are located in:

  • Room B2 299 at the Sutherland Campus
  • Room 180A at the Frost Campus

Directory of local faith & spirituality groups

Looking for a spiritual community? You will find a complete listing of area churches, mosques, synagogues, and religious associations at the links below:

Directory Peterborough area Faith Groups

Directory Lindsay Faith Groups

Lindsay listing: Coming soon!

Fleming College Catholics

Father John Perdue offers chaplaincy services at Sutherland campus, but for Fall 2021 weekly masses on campus will be virtual instead, open to both Fleming and Trent students and livestreamed via the Trent Facebook page: https://www.ptbovocations.ca/en/get-involved/catholic-council-of-trent.aspx . The Fleming Catholics club also hosts fun social events. Find them on Facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/groups/flemingcollegecatholics

Vismaad Divinity Club – Peterborough

Fleming College has an important Sikh student body, and a Sikh student association that meets weekly on the Peterborough campus for prayers and social activities, and organizes special events. For more information, join their WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/F3nI2mUrsmh9OzWZ5vVyfC

Healing Minds Club  

The purpose of the club is to help students heal and improve mental wellbeing in a positive and productive way in a peer to peer environment. The club will provide a platform or place where students can come together to do exercises and activities meant to improve mental wellbeing. The Healing Minds Club will become a place of relaxation , entertainment and place to grow mentally for Fleming Students. https://www.flemingsac.ca/healing-minds-club?hsCtaTracking=ee34b98f-2bfc-43e4-8dd7-b676ff018085%7Ce1ad7063-4ab3-4aef-b9bb-51231635ec90