Contract Faculty – Pay Impacts, January 18, 2018

This is a reminder that you will see differences on your pay advice slip beginning January 19th.  There are two items that could impact your pay –

1) Bill 148 which splits out vacation pay from your hourly rate (previously included in your hourly rate) – this is only a record-keeping impact and does not affect your compensation; and 2) a raise in hourly rate for Partial Load contracts resulting from the arbitrated settlement of the Academic Collective Agreement.  Below are more details regarding the changes, as well as reference documents.

Bill 148 – Vacation Pay

Under the new legislation, vacation pay must be paid separately from the base rate of pay.  Previously, all contract faculty rates (Partial Load, Part-time, and Sessional) were stated inclusive of vacation pay.  In order to comply with Bill 148, 4% vacation pay has been subtracted from your base hourly pay rate.  Please be assured that your rate of pay remains the same, but has to be reflected separately in our records and on your pay advice slip.

Pay Advice Slip

Beginning on the pay of January 19, 2018, you will see two pay lines on your pay advice slip – the first one is your base hourly rate times the hours worked and second one is your vacation.  The total will equal the amount you would have received when vacation pay was included in your overall pay rate.  The following show you the difference in how the information is displayed before and after the Bill 148 change.

Sample Contract Faculty Pay Slip – Before

Sample Contract Faculty Pay Slip – After

Partial Load Pay Grid Increases

In accordance with the arbitrated settlement pertaining to the OPSEU Academic Collective Agreement, there are three upcoming compensation changes related to this.

  1. In your pay of January 19th, applicable partial load faculty will begin being paid at the new rate, reflecting the wage increase of 1.75%.
  2. In your pay of January 19th, the negotiated lump sum payment of $450 will be paid.
  3. In your pay of February 2nd, striking partial load faculty will receive retroactive payment back to October 1, 2017, for the 1.75% wage increase.

Note:  Local 352 has agreed to extend the January 31st deadline ordered by Arbitrator Kaplan by two days in order to coincide with a pay period.

Updated Pay Grids

The Pay Rate Grids for non-full-time academic employees has now been updated to reflect base hourly rates and hourly rates inclusive of 4% vacation pay.  You can access the new Pay Grids on the HR website @  Non-FT Academic Rate Schedule (effective December 24, 2017 rates reflecting vacation pay – Bill 148)

 We have created a reference tool which you can access here to help you understand the change in your hourly rate from the fall term until now.

 Teaching Contract Summaries

Please note that any teaching contract summaries that you have received since the beginning of January show the base hourly rate and not the rate that is inclusive of 4%.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please email us at .