Support Staff Appendix D – What you need to know – January 11, 2018

Message to Appendix D Employees

Further to the All Staff email sent out on December 21, regarding the introduction of Bill 148, this message is to provide you with important information regarding changes that will affect your contracts and payroll information beginning in January 2018.

Public Holiday Pay

All employees working under an Appendix D contract, who were scheduled to work during the first week of January, will be paid for their full contract hours for the week of January 1st, 2018 which is when the first Public Holiday occurred (ie. January 1).  This is in accordance with the provisions for Appendix D employees under the Support Staff Collective Agreement, and is consistent with our past practice.  If you are paid to date, this payment would have been reflected on your pay of January 5, 2018.

Vacation Pay

Under the new legislation, vacation pay must be paid separately from the base hourly rate of pay and reflected separately on various pay-related documents including your contracts and pay advice slips.  Previously, Appendix D contracts reflected your hourly rate plus 8% in lieu of fringe benefits.  To comply with the recordkeeping requirements of Bill 148, vacation pay will now show as a separate “vacation pay” amount on your pay advice slip.

Pay Advice Slip

Pay Advice Slips have been adjusted to reflect three pay lines – 1) your base hourly rate times the hours worked; 2) your vacation pay; 3) your fringe benefit pay.  The attached files show you the difference in how the information is displayed before and after the Bill 148 change.  If you are paid to date, you would have noticed this on your pay advice slip of January 5, 2018.

Sample Appendix D Pay Slip – Before

Sample Appendix D Pay Slip – After

Contract Letters

The HR Team is working on updating contract letter templates in order to be compliant with Bill 148, however, timing is a challenge.  We are working on updating our templates as soon as possible.


We will continue to communicate changes resulting from Bill 148 as we progress with implementation.  If you have any questions or concerns, please direct your inquiry to .