Unpaid Leave Impacts – Administrators

Pay Stops on commencement of unpaid leave.  Depending on the duration of the unpaid leave, any approved salary increase and/or performance pay may be prorated, deferred, or withheld.
Group Benefits End on the last day of the month on which the unpaid leave commences, unless the employee wishes to maintain some or all available benefits provided the employee pays both the employee and employer costs.
CAAT Pension Pensionable service ceases to accrue on commencement of the unpaid leave.  Employees may elect to purchase the pensionable service in the event of a return to work by paying the employee and employer costs.
Vacation Accrual Vacation entitlement is prorated (reduced) to reflect the time worked during the vacation year July 1/21– June 30/22.  This will impact the amount of vacation credited for the upcoming vacation year (2022/2023).
Learning & Development Current approved tuition support for Fleming College courses or approved, in-progress diploma or degree courses will continue.  No new tuition support will be available for an employee on unpaid leave during their unpaid leave.  No tuition refund will be approved for diploma or degree courses commenced during the period of the unpaid leave, regardless of prior approval of the program.
Dependent Tuition Approved dependent tuition benefits in progress will continue for the current (Fall) semester.  Dependents will not be able to access this benefit for the Winter semester if the employee continues to be on unpaid leave.
Miscellaneous Payroll Deductions Miscellaneous payroll deductions such as United Way, Parking, Social Fund, Charitable donations, and RRSP cease immediately on commencement of an unpaid leave.  While they recommence on return to work, retroactivity may or may not be available, depending on the item.