Coordinator’s Toolkit

The Coordinators’ Toolkit is designed to help coordinators find the resources you need quickly and easily. Many of the links in this section take you to other Fleming department webpages.

Academic Advising

As Coordinator, students will look to you for academic advice.  These resources should help you in your advising.

Course Select – Timetable Tutor
Academic Schedule
Evolve Guide for Coordinators
Freedom of Information

Academic Planning Cycle
Course Outline Resources

Academic Probation

These are documents created and owned by the Registrar’s Office.

Academic Probation Contract
Withdrawal/Refund Policy
International Student Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Ed Plans

Education Plans (Ed Plans for short) are the documented plans for students with disabilities accessing a reduced course load as an academic accommodation.

The Ed Plan includes the individualized order and number of courses for each semester that a student must take to meet the graduation requirements over a longer period of time.

Coordinators, Counsellors, the Registrar’s Office, and the student are a main partners to determine a student’s Ed Plan. This section focuses on the Ed Plan process and information that will help you as Coordinator.

Find more detailed information about academic accommodations at Fleming, including reduced course loads, visit the Accessible Education Services (AES) website.

Ed Plans Process for Coordinators
2014 Ed Plan Template
Sample Education Plan
Sample Ed Plan Grade Audit Template


All college policies are stored on Human Resource’s internal website.  These particular policies might be of particular use to you as Coordinator, and you can find them on the website.

2-201 Academic Regulations

2-219 Academic Appeal
2-219 Procedure Updated
2-219-Academic-Appeal-Forms– PDF Fillable
2-219 Academic Appeal Forms – WORD Fillable

5-506 Student Rights & Responsibilities

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Understanding the expectations and sharing those expectations with students is important.  You can find more information about Fleming’s Student Rights and Responsibilities on their internal website.

For more general information for all faculty, see our Faculty Resources.