Performance Management for Academic Employees

Faculty Evaluation … a developmental experience

Teaching and learning is the core of what we do at Fleming College, but often the ability to teach is taken for granted. The faculty evaluation process is focused on individual development through a process of multi-perspective feedback, reflection and dialogue.

Fleming’s Performance Management Programs are designed to identify, encourage, measure, evaluate, improve and reward employee performance. Through these programs the college links its strategic plan and related goals to the results achieved by its employees. While Recognition is an integral part of the Performance Management Program, effective recognition goes beyond discussions and evaluations related to performance. Fleming also recognizes employees through formal awards, service awards, informal recognition and recognition for retirees.

The Faculty Handbook serves as a resource to guide participants through the process. Frequency and forms required for the process are captured below on this page.

Full Time Faculty Contract Faculty
Every Year Self Reflection X X
Peer Evaluation
(classroom & team)
Faculty/Course  X X
 PD Plan Reviewed  X
 Every 3 Years  All of the above, PLUS:
 Classroom Observation –
 PD Plan Developed
 Dean Summary  X

 Post-Probationary Faculty:



Probationary Faculty:

Forms (Post & Probationary)

Clinical Evaluation


Other References:

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