Performance Management for Administrative Employees

Fleming’s Performance Management Programs are designed to identify, encourage, measure, evaluate, improve and reward employee performance. Through these programs the college links its strategic plan and related goals to the results achieved by its employees. While Recognition is an integral part of the Performance Management Program, effective recognition goes beyond discussions and evaluations related to performance. Fleming also recognizes employees through formal awards, service awards, informal recognition and recognition for retirees.

Goal Setting and the Performance Evaluation Process

The objective setting & performance review form is designed to be a cumulative record of results related to the objectives from the first check-in meeting to the final review.

The Performance Management Process for Administrative employees consists of 4 basic elements which span over a 12-month period as outlined below:

1. By September 1st – Setting annual objectives – employee and manager meet and agree on 2 People objectives (leadership & managerial) and 3-5 Operational objectives and document them on the Objective Setting & Performance Review Form including measurements and milestones. Depending on factors such as budget allocation, objective setting can begin early in the year. The complete set of objectives should be finalized by September 1.

2. Every 2 months – Regular Check In meetings through the annual cycle – employee documents results achieved to-date and meets with their manager to review and adjust, if necessary – focus is on performance achievements /gaps and developing solutions to move ahead or adjusting any objectives that have been impacted by extenuating circumstances.

3. April – Annual Performance review – multi-step process
(specific timelines and compensation guidelines are sent out annually).

  • Employee finalizes the results section of their review form, applies their self-rating to Part 2 of the form and submits to their manager
  • Manager completes their evaluation and records Manager ratings and comments to Part 2 of the form and submits to the appropriate ELT member for review
  • For those reviews being recommended for ‘Above’; ‘Exceeds’; ‘Partially Successful’ or ‘Unsatisfactory’ ratings, the ELT member forwards the reviews to office of the Vice-President, Human Resources
  • VP Human Resources compiles Evaluations with a rating of ‘Above’ ; ‘Exceeds’; ‘Partially Successful’ or ‘Unsatisfactory’ and meets with the President for final review and approval.
  • Human Resources returns the evaluations to the appropriate managers
  • Managers will meet with all of their administrative employees to conduct the performance evaluations and discuss the employee’s development plan (form provided below).
  • The review, complete with all signatures is sent to Kim Fleming, Human Resources for any compensation adjustments and for filing

4. Individual Professional Development Plan – Plan is reviewed and updated annually either in conjunction with the Performance Evaluation or when setting the next year’s objectives. If you are participating in the College Succession Planning Process, there may be overlap between your Individualized PD plan and the Development Plan connected to Succession Planning.

Performance Evaluation Toolkit for Leaders


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