Charles E. Pascal Excellence in Teaching Award

Image of Charles E. Pascal

Charles E. Pascal
Fleming President from May, 1982 – August, 1987

Named in honour of former College President Charles E. Pascal, this award has been presented to the following members of Fleming’s faculty.

Current Recipient

2018 – Shauna Longmuir

Shauna is a faculty member in the School of Justice & Community Development.  One of the most noteworthy comments from one of Shauna’s two nominations cited that “Shauna’s commitment to my learning and success is so empowering that I have raised my own standards because of a developed belief in myself.”


Past Recipients

2017 – Katrina Van Osch-Saxon

2016 Jennifer Rishor

2015 Les Smith

2014 Roberta Legacy

2013 Barb Mathers

2012 Karen Whillans

2011 Peter Malkovsky

2010 Barb Bond

2009 Ronda Monahan

2008 Deborah Scott

2007 Teresa Good (Suth./Cobourg) Carmen Moore (Fr./Hal.)

2006 Kathryn Jarvis (Suth./Cobourg) Mark Williamson (Fr./Hal.)

2005 Carol Kelsey (Suth./Cobourg) Mike Fraser (Fr./Hal.)

2004 Dale Northey (Suth./Cobourg) Dave Hendry (Fr./Hal.)

2003 Jim Fulton (Suth./Cobourg) John Knight (Fr./Hal.)

2002 R. Leslie Smith (Suth./Cobourg) David Ward (Fr./Hal.)

2001 Gini Sutherland (Suth./Cobourg) Ron Schepper (Fr./Hal.)

2000 Suzanne Hooke (Suth./Cobourg) Mark Robbins (Fr./Hal.)

1999 Cheryl Ferguson (Suth./Cobourg) Pauline Smiley (Fr./Hal.)

1998 Linda Skilton (Suth./Cobourg) Barb Elliot (Fr./Hal.)

1997 Paul Atkinson (Suth./Cobourg) John Knight (Fr./Hal.)

1996 Rosemary Newmaster (Suth./Cobourg) Al MacPherson (Fr./Hal.)

1995 Wayne Bonner (Suth./Cobourg) Steve Thompson (Fr./Hal.)

1994 Bruce Rumsey (Suth./Cobourg) Bruno Boucek (Fr./Hal.)

1993 Lloyd Clive (Suth./Cobourg) Gord Bailey (Fr./Hal.)

1992 Don Sheppard (Suth./Cobourg) Grant Bashford (Fr./Hal.)

1991 Carol Northcott (Suth./Cobourg) Jim Martin (Fr./Hal.)

1990 Lena Rebeiro (Suth./Cobourg) Robert Johnson (Fr./Hal.)

1989 Iain Steele (Suth./Cobourg) Charlie Rumsey (Fr./Hal.)

1988 Angele Dion (Suth./Cobourg) David Long (Fr./Hal.)

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