Leadership Award

This award has been presented to the following Leaders

Current Recipient

2018 Melissa McQuaid

Melissa is a Counsellor from Counselling & Accessibility Services (Frost Campus).  Of note from Melissa’s nomination: “Melissa’s significant leadership success is due in part to the combination of professional experience, knowledge, dedication, sense of fun, respect, acceptance, and hope she brings to every endeavor and thus, makes working with her a deeply satisfying experience.”

Past Recipients

2017 Sandra Dupret

2016 Anita Arnold

2015 Silvana MacDonald

2014 Roger Fitch

2013 Mary Lou McLean

2012 Paul Legacy

2011 Randy Prentice

2010 Brent Wootton

2009 Janice Coughlin

2008 Pat Kraft

2007 Blane Harvey

2006 Jim Angel, Linda Skilton

2005 Kevin Asselin, Brenda Liston-Hanley

2004 Shirlanne Pawley-Boyd

2003 Kate Kincaid, Jim Madder