President’s Recognition Award for Support Staff

This award has been presented to the following Support Staff

Current Recipient

2018 Kevin Rabjohn

Kevin is a Geomatics System Technologist from the Frost Campus who received a total of 5 nominations, one of whom described “I personally approach Kevin for a multitude of reasons, and he always has resources available to help, and if he does not he directs us to the right place. He always provides positive feedback and it seems that this is not simply a ‘workplace’ for him, but a way of life. “


Past Recipients

2017 – Derrick Laplante

2016 – Kylie Fox

2015 Kyla Maude

2014 Jennifer Langenberg

2013 Cindy English

2012 Pat Hogan

2011 Tim Porter

2010 Stefania Gemmiti

2009 Scott Miles

2008 Melanie Frain

2007 Tracy Groombridge (Suth./Cobourg)    Barb Winn (Fr./Hal.)

2006 Rita Grimaldi (Suth./Cobourg)    Paul Weightman (Fr./Hal.)

2005 Harriet Knor (Suth./Cobourg)    Melanie Frain (Fr./Hal.)

2004 Brenda Bartleman (Suth./Cobourg)    John Currie (Fr./Hal.)

2003 Brenda McCue (Suth./Cobourg)    Sherry Sutton/Susan Little (Fr./Hal.)

2002 Heather Kerrigan (Suth./Cobourg)    Ray Foster (Fr./Hal.)

2001 Alana Callan (Suth./Cobourg)    Dianne Smith (Fr./Hal.)

1999 Mary Jane Jackman (Suth./Cobourg)    Michelle McLean (Fr./Hal.)

1998 Debbie Young Van Duelman (Suth./Cobourg)    Talbot Hurren (Fr./Hal.)

1997 Liz Mathewson (Suth./Cobourg)    Paul Weightman (Fr./Hal.)

1996 Betty Cree (Suth./Cobourg)    David Harvey (Fr./Hal.)

1995 Claudette Lachance-Wykes (Suth./Cobourg)    Sandy Dennison (Fr./Hal.)

1994 Ollie Bakelaar (Suth./Cobourg)    Gale Templeton (Lavender) (Fr./Hal.)

1993 Warren Craft (Suth./Cobourg)    Bev Wiseman (Fr./Hal.)

1992 Ruth Veenman (Suth./Cobourg)    Karm Kiss (Fr./Hal.)

1991 Suzanne Woods (Suth./Cobourg)    Debbie Yarnell (Fr./Hal.)

1990 Marion Hermes/Judy Nisbett (Suth./Cobourg)    Lil Macintyre/Ed Muenzel(Fr./Hal.)

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