Teamwork Award

This award has been presented to the following Teams

Current Recipients

2018 – All Fleming Faculty

All full time, partial load and part time faculty Fleming faculty at all campuses were nominated for the Teamwork Award.  An excerpt from the nomination indicated that “Fleming College should take pride in the dedication and professionalism of all faculty. It was through this dedication and professionalism that the college as a whole was able to meet all of its strategic priorities but in particular, it met the needs and challenges of our most important constituents, our students.”

Past Recipients

2017 – The Physical Resources Team

2016 – The Massage Therapy Full Time Faculty Team

2015 – No nominations received

2014 – The Collections Conservation and Management Diploma Faculty Team

2013 – The Forestry Re-Design Team

2012 – The Food Services Project Team

2011 – The Evolve V9 Upgrade Team

2010 – The Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment Team

2009 – The Frost Wellness Team

2008 – The Admissions Team

2007 – No nominations received

2006 – The Convocation Team

2005 – The Fleming Training Services Operations Group

2004 – The Common First Semester Team and the Academic Planning & Operations Team

2003 – The Haliburton Team and the Conversion Team