The Vice-President Academic’s Contract Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching

This award has been presented to the following recipients:

Current Recipient

2018 Gwen Benett

Gwen is a faculty member in the School of Health & Wellness whose commitment was described as being evidenced, in part, by the constant long line-ups to speak with her after class.  “She will do this on a daily basis without complaint because she is so passionate about helping her students become “top-of-the-line” professionals.”


Past Recipients

2017 D’Arcy McKittrick

2016 Dianne Berlenbach

2015 Everett Hanna

2014 Brenda Hill

2013 Stephanie McMurray

2012 Sara Kelly

2011 Josh Feltham

2010 Beth Bellaire

2009 Colleen Rafton

2008 LeeAnn Cormier