Staff Tuition Fees

Staff Tuition Fees

Within the limits of its resources, the College provides opportunity for employees of the College to enrol, at a nominal fee, on a part-time basis in Ministry-funded courses offered by the College.  Please note that the difference between the regular price of the course and the nominal fee you pay is considered a taxable benefit and will appear on your tax slip at the end of the year.


Available to any full or part time current employee who wishes to enrol in a Ministry-funded course for the staff rate of $20.00. Textbooks, supplies, and the Embanet fee are not included in this rate. To be eligible, a part-time employee will have been employed at Fleming College four (4) consecutive months in the 12-month period prior to submission of the request.

Please note that student workers are not eligible for this program.

For more information please, review the: Staff Tuition Fees Policy and Form