Tuition Rebate & Staff Course Fees

Tuition Rebate Program

In support of the ongoing professional development of employees, Fleming College provides a Tuition Rebate Program to assist employees with the cost of tuition for obtaining post-secondary credentials.  The Program covers 50% of the tuition portion of fees.  It does not include other expenses such as books, supplies, travel, etc.

Additional tuition funding from other sources must be disclosed and may impact the level of funding provided by the College.

College employees may be eligible for the program, as noted in the chart below.  All non-full-time employees must be employed at the College during the period that the course is being taken.

Employee Group Job Type Eligible Criteria
Administrative Full-Time Yes Upon hire
Part-Time, Temporary Full-Time, Temporary Part-Time Yes After 910 hours of work have been completed
Academic Full-Time Yes Upon hire
Part-Time* Yes 1/4 month for each month of employment
Partial Load* Yes 1 month for each calendar month with >= 30 hours taught
Sessional* Yes 1/4 month for each month of employment >= 15 days as Sessional
Support Staff Full-Time Yes Upon hire
Initiatives/Opportunities Yes Upon hire
Regular Part-Time Yes Upon hire
Casual Part-Time No N/A
Temporary Part-Time No N/A
Student Workers No N/A
Project of a Non-Recurring Kind No N/A

*Part-Time, Partial Load, and Sessional faculty must have achieved the equivalent of 6 months of service.

Please note that Executive MBAs are eligible for the Tuition Rebate Program, based on Presidential approval.

The learning activity must be provided by an accredited institution.  The completion of the learning activity must result in documented credits, which are part of a formal degree, diploma or certificate program, and must be successfully completed based on an evaluation component.

The Tuition Rebate Program covers only the tuition portion of fees and does not include other expenses such as books, supplies etc.

Where the cost of a specific learning activity is significantly above the cost of an equivalent activity from an Ontario institution, the rebate will be based on the figure from the local institution.

Upon acceptance into an eligible program, the employee must complete the Step 1 – Program Application. (**if you are having trouble opening this form, please see the instructions below). This form is to be completed electronically, then printed off to acquire the necessary signatures.  Approval of the employee’s immediate supervisor is required so that any implications of the learning activity (e.g., the need for release time) are understood and supported.  The employee sends the completed form to the Professional Development (PD) Team in Human Resources for final review.

The PD Team evaluates the application to ensure it meets the criteria for the Tuition Rebate Program.  They sign off to either approve or deny the request, and a completed copy of the form is returned to the employee. PD will maintain a Tuition Rebate file for all requests.

If the Step 1: Program Application is approved, the employee goes on to complete the Step 2 – Funding Request. (**if you are having trouble opening this form, please see the instructions below). This form is to be completed electronically, then printed off and signed by the employee.  On this form, there are two options for funding.  The employee chooses the option that works best for them:

  1. Tuition Reimbursement – This option can be requested after successful completion of the course(s)/program. Along with their completed Step 2: Funding Request, the employee must submit a detailed tuition receipt, proof of payment, and proof of successful course(s)/program completion.
  2. Tuition Advance – This option can be requested after an employee has paid their tuition fees, but has not yet completed their course(s)/program. Along with their completed Step 2: Funding Request, the employee must submit a detailed tuition receipt and proof of payment.  At the end of the course(s)/program, proof of successful completion must also be submitted to the PD Team to clear the tuition advance.

Please note: If marks are not provided and/or an employee withdraws from a course or is no longer employed by the college, no rebate is provided; and the amount of any related advance must be reimbursed to the College or could be deducted from the individual’s salary.

Approved funding requests will be deposited directly to the same bank account as the employee’s pay.


Click on each of the links below for a more detailed overview of the process expectations:

**If you are having trouble downloading these forms, right click on the link, then click on the “save link as…” option.  Save the document to your local computer as a .pdf and then open it from your computer in either Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

IMPORTANT: In accordance with guidelines through the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), if an employer pays or reimburses all or partial tuition fees to an employee, and this reimbursement is not a taxable benefit, employees are not eligible to claim any of these tuition costs even the portion not reimbursed on their income tax return. Therefore, if you do not receive a T2202A from the College at tax time, you cannot claim these costs. For more information, please visit the CRA website.

If you have questions related to the Tuition Rebate Program, please contact

Staff Tuition Fees – College Courses

Within the limits of its resources, the College provides opportunity for employees of the College to enrol, at a nominal fee, on a part-time basis in Ministry-funded courses offered by the College.  Please note that the difference between the regular price of the course and the nominal fee you pay is considered a taxable benefit and will appear on your tax slip at the end of the year.


Available to any full or part time current employee who wishes to enrol in a Ministry-funded course for the staff rate of $20.00. Textbooks, supplies, and the Embanet fee are not included in this rate. To be eligible, a part-time employee will have been employed at Fleming College four (4) consecutive months in the 12-month period prior to submission of the request.

Please note that student workers are not eligible for this program.

For more information please, review the: Staff Tuition Fees Policy and Form

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