Social Committee

All Full Time employees are eligible to contribute to the Social Committee at either the Sutherland or Frost campuses.

The primary function of the Social Committee is to provide consistency in looking after the following remembrances;

  • Illness of the employee (more than 5 working days)
  • Births
  • Marriages
  • Death of Staff Social Committee Member
  • Bereavement in the immediate family of the employee (husband/wife, children, mother, father, sister, brother,)
  • Departure/Retirement of Employee

The secondary function of the social committee is to financially contribute to special events, ie. Annual Bus (Shopping) Trip.

Regular payroll deductions contribute to the above remembrances and this eliminates the procedure of collecting from individuals when the occasion arises.  One dollar ($1.00) will be deducted from each of twenty-six (26) pays per year.

To enroll as a member of the Social Committee, please print the appropriate campus form below, complete and return to HR.

Questions regarding the Sutherland Social Committee can be directed to Jill Taylor.
Questions regarding the Frost Social Committee can be directed to the Frost Social Committee