Pre-arrival Checklist

  1. Complete your registration via OCAS by following the instructions sent to you via email from International Admissions. In order to receive your timetable, your fees must be paid
  2. Book a place for your quarantine, Arrange Temporary or Permanent Accommodations 
  3. Install the Fleming College Airport ICent app
  4. Read the Fleming International travel document for important tasks you have to complete before your arrival
  5. Read the Self-isolation check-list
  6. Request a travel support letter if your program has a “face-to-face” component. Check if your program will be delivered entirely online by clicking here.
  7. Book Plane Ticket to Canada
  8. Arrange transportation to Peterborough or Lindsay. Fleming College offers a free Airport Pick-up Service from the Toronto Pearson International airport, but students must register at least one week before departure to Canada. Follow the link to register.
  9. Set Up MyCampus Account: and click on Get Started!
  10. Watch the recordings from our  International Student Orientation
  11. Research Banking options in Peterborough or Lindsay
  12. Research Mobile Phone options and costs

Things to bring with you to Canada

  1. Immunization and Medical Records
  2. Immigration documents (see list below under what to expect when entering Canada)
  3. Photo ID other than passport, if you have it
  4. International Driver’s License (if you plan to drive in Canada)
  5. Resume/CV (if you plan to work part-time in Canada)
  6. Course Outlines from previous post-secondary studies (if you plan to apply for transfer credits)
  7. Canadian Currency to cover food, travel, accommodations, and emergencies until you can set up a bank account (in Canada, most merchants also accept US dollars)
  8. Laptop and cellular phone: these may be cheaper at home than in Canada
  9. Seasonal Clothing: Canada has 4 distinct seasons and you will need clothing for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, as well as:
    • Business clothing for school presentations, internships/work placements, and job interviews;
    • Traditional clothing or other items for cultural/religious celebrations.
  10. Comfort Items: You might also like to bring your favorite spices and treats (check customs regulations, some food items are prohibited from entering Canada)
    • Please check your luggage weight and ensure it meets airline requirements.

Entering Canada

Students will need to present the following printed documents to a Canada Border Services officer when they enter Canada:

  • A valid passport or travel document with valid Canadian Visa or ETA
  • The letter of introduction you received from the Visa Application Centre approving you to study in Canada
  • Proof of finances as per IRCC financial guidelines (GIC statement, etc.)
  • E-medical report and Biometric information
  • English proficiency test results
  • Valid address where you will be living while studying in Canada
  • Acceptance letter from Fleming College.

Note: Remember to have all these documents in your carry-on luggage in a location that is easy to access.

 At the border/airport you will be asked:

  • To present all necessary documents as previously outlined
  • Disclose the funds you are carrying (You cannot have more than $10,000 CDN)
  • CBSA Declaration card: (It is mandatory to fill out this form and declare any goods you are bringing into Canada)
  • You may be asked several questions about your reason for entering Canada
  • The officer will issue you a Study Permit, and Coop Work Permit if you are eligible. Check that all the information and spelling is correct on the permit and do not leave the Port of Entry without it.

More details on what to expect at the border, on arriving by air and arriving by land (including wait times) can be found on the CBSA website.

Arrival Checklist: Things to do upon arrival in Canada

  1. Register at the Admissions Office at Sutherland or Frost campus (bring your passport, study permit, and offer letter), and pay any outstanding fees to the college
  2. Watch the recordings from our International Student Orientation
  3. Check the website for your timetable, select elective courses (if applicable)
  4. Make an appointment to open a bank account
  5. Find permanent accommodations ( is a popular free rental site)
  6. Get a mobile phone/service plan (Lansdowne Place Peterborough & Lindsay Square have most major providers, or check downtown Lindsay on Kent St.)
  7. Submit Immunization Records to Health Services (if applicable)

Still have questions about what to bring? Contact us anytime: