RoadMap to Success Workshop Series – FAQ

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) from the previous RoadMap to Success Workshop Series Sessions.


What are the Fall 2022 Registration Instructions for New International Students ?

Thank you for choosing to study at Fleming College this September 2022!

Your program requires you to be on campus to attend classes in person on September 6, 2022, the first day of the Fall 2022 term.

If you are not able to meet this requirement for any reason, you will be withdrawn from your program. If you will not be able to be on campus to attend classes in person on September 6, 2022, please let us know immediately. We can assist you in deferring your application to the next term your program is offered. If you cannot provide proof that you have entered Canada (Study Permit) and are unable to attend classes in person on September 6, 2022, you will be withdrawn from your program.

International Student Registration will take place at the Sutherland campus in Peterborough, beginning August 30 until September 6, 2022 from 9 am – 3:30 p.m. Registration will take place in the lower level of the Kawartha Trades and Technology wing (D Wing).

International Student Registration will take place at the Frost campus in Lindsay, beginning August 26 until September 6, 2022 from 9 am – 3:30 p.m. Registration will take place in the Registrar’s Office of the Frost campus.

*NOTE: registrations will not take place on the weekend.

Please come prepared for registration by bringing your passport, study permit and a paper or digital copy of your letter of acceptance.

We look forward to welcoming you in person at Fleming College for fall 2022.


What is the mode of delivery for my program?


What is the iCent App? Where can I avail the free-stay and airport services from? What all steps would I need to complete prior to travelling?

  • iCent leads various programs to welcome, orient, and engage international students​, please expect regular phone calls from iCent​.

Before travelling to Canada: ​

  *After completing the forms, you will be emailed a Travel Support Letter*

  • Go to the Arrival Services Section in iCent ​
  • Request our free shuttle service to Peterborough, Lindsay, Haliburton ​
  • Book a 3-night free stay at a local hotel ​

For more information, visit our Arrival Services Website: 


When is the International Student Orientation? Is it compulsory to attend International Student Orientation?

  • Fleming International Student Orientation will be held on: ​
  • Online – August 23, 24 & 25, 2022 (All campuses) ​
  1. In-person – Sutherland (Peterborough) – August 30, 31 or September 1 (Students will choose only one day) ​
  2. In-person – Frost (Lindsay) – August 26​
  • Program Specific Orientation

Students will receive Program Specific Orientation information via Fleming email. Make sure to check your junk folder.

  1. In-person – Sutherland (Peterborough) – September 6
  2. In-person – Frost (Lindsay) – September 6 – 9​
  • Attendance is mandatory. However, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and they may prevent you from attending orientation. We advise all international students to attend it. If you can’t, watch the recordings. There are some key differences between education in your country and in Canada. Knowing about supports you have available and pathways to be successful will make your learning journey smooth and you will adapt well to your new life in Canada.


  • Do I need a co-op work permit?

If your program includes a mandatory work term (co-op, placement, internship), you need a co-op work permit that allows you to work full-time during the work term, even if the work is unpaid and regardless whether the work is on- or off-campus.

  • How do I get a co-op work permit?

Your letter of acceptance will include a co-op information page, if your program has a mandatory work term. When you arrive at your port of entry, please present this page to the border officer. If eligible, you will be issued a co-op work permit along with your study permit.

  • What should I do if I do not receive my co-op work permit at the port of entry?

Processing times for work permits are currently more than 5 months, therefore, if you do not receive a co-op work permit on arrival, it is important that you apply as soon as possible to avoid delays with your co-op or placement. This is especially important for programs that have placements early on.

Please visit Co-op Work Permit | International Student Services ( for information on how to apply or reach out to us at if you have questions.


  • What do I do if the landlord asks for a credit check, as an international student ?

A credit check is a detailed list of debts, bill-paying history – it will show that you are good or bad at paying your bills.  As a newcomer, you might not have a Canadian credit history.  For further information about credit checks and tips and ideas on what to do as a newcome,  please see the link – Another request from a landlord might for a guarantor or a co-signer.  Please see the link about guarantors or so-singers.

  • What are things to look out for when signing a lease ?

When signing a rental agreement or lease agreement, it is important to read though the lease to make sure it is accurate, what you agreed upon and that you understand it – never sign anything you might not understand.   For information about what should be in a rental agreement, please see the link below:

  • What are some important things to keep in mind when looking for housing within the Peterborough/Lindsay area ?

Determine what you are looking for in a rental unit.  Decided what is important to you and what you might be able to do without.  For example, it might be important to live close to the college or near a grocery store but not important for you to have laundry on site.  Create an honest budget.  Look at the amount of income that you will have access to per month .  Budget for a rent amount and then consider other payments that you might need to pay such as, food, phone bills and other household supplies.   Creating a plan before you look for housing will help you with your housing search.

  • What do I do if I feel that I am experience discrimination by a landlord?

If you feel that you are experiencing discrimination by a landlord, please see the link below for resources about the Human Rights Code in Ontario.

  • What document do landlords ask for? 

During the applications process for a rental unit, landlords may ask for documents or references to show that you are responsible to pay the rent on time.  For a list of items that landlords might ask please see the link below

We update this page regularly after subsequent sessions, please check back often.