MyApps: FAQ

Q: Where is application XYZ?
A: ITS is working to publish as many student image applications as quickly as possible.  Priority is being given to those that are needed for the Spring/Summer semester and don’t have any existing home-use license optionYou can can request a new MyApps application via this form.

Q: Why are applications slow to load?
A: If you’re launching an app for the first time it could take a few minutes to load.  Don’t worry this isn’t permanent – the more you use the apps the quicker they will load.  Application data stream will cache on your local computer and it will run faster the next time you launch the same app.

Q: Should I remove applications from the Cloudpaging Player?
A: It is highly recommended that you DO NOT remove applications until you’re certain you’re finished using them for the semester. Most applications take up a negligible amount of space on your computer and removing them can have negative side effects such as the app refusing to reinstall or saved data being removed from your computer along with the app. Ensure you back up all saved files or databases before removing an app. If you do remove an app and are having issues reloading it, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance:

Q: Why am I getting an error when I try to load my application?
A: There may be an error in the CloudPaging Player. Please open up the CloudPaging Player–> File–> Options –> Cache —> Clear Cache and attempt to run the application again.

Q: Is VPN required?
A: No.  All you need is a connection to the Internet.

Q: Do MyApps have access to Fleming College network drives (H: & S:)?
A: No, streamed apps only have access to the local resources on your computer, similar to traditionally installed application.  Remote users do not have access to H: and S: as mapped drive letters.  You can use MyApps to fetch files from your H: or S: drives.

Q: I won’t have access to the internet at all times, can I still use this service?
A: Yes, but offline use is limited to Windows devices only. Once you’ve downloaded an app and see it in the Cloudpaging Player application on your PC, you’ll have 90 days where you can launch the software without having to sign into the service.

Q: What other methods of application access are available?
A: See this comparison chart to review the available options.

Q: I didn’t remove an app, but the icon is missing from my start menu/desktop
A: The Cloudpaging Player should launch when you start your computer, but if it doesn’t, or if you exit the software manually, the software you’ve downloaded won’t show up in your start menu. Simply relaunch the Cloudpaging Player and your software will reappear.

Q: I’ve discovered a problem not covered by the FAQs page?
A: Please contact us at with the details of the issue and we will be in touch.

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Technical Support provided by Fleming College ITS:

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