New Program Development

The Learning Design and Support Team provides curriculum development support and expertise during the New Program Development (NPD) Process. Teaching and Learning Specialists work with the NPD team to provide curriculum expertise and support, and the bulk of the work is with the subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop the program outline.

Examples of this work include:

  • Interpret and apply the credential framework to new programs, including level of curriculum complexity, number of semesters, admission requirements, course hours, and general education requirements
  • Ensure program titling requirements are met
  • Collaboratively write and revise Vocational Learning Outcomes (VLOs), and ensure that quality standards are met
  • Plan professional development activities for SMEs
  • Submit the Credential Validation Services (CVS) application and liaise with CVS to interpret and integrate feedback
  • Collaboratively complete the CVS application with the SME
  • Map courses to program level outcomes, including VLOs, EESs, and institutional learning outcomes
  • Attend progress meetings and advise program development team about curriculum considerations
  • Advise on course descriptions, hours, delivery modes
  • Review and interpret program standards and descriptions

For more information on the New Program Development (NPD) process, visit the NPD internal site.