D2L Tool Tipsheets

We created a series of commercials for most of the D2L tools to try to sell you on their benefits. Included are links to instructional tipsheets to show you how to use the tool. We also tried to create the videos using a number of different technologies to showcase some different ways of creating videos. We included descriptions and links about the different technologies as well. We had fun making them so we hope you enjoy watching them!


Adjusting & Releasing Final Grades– Allows instructors to change the calculated final grade for a student or group of students

Quizzes – Let D2L do some of your marking for you! Give your students instant feedback! Use this tool to create quizzes, tests and exams! Contact us if you’d like help writing quality quiz questions.

Dropbox – Have your students hand in assignments in a D2L dropbox so they are all in one place when you are ready to mark them.

Rubrics – Attach a rubric to your dropbox or discussion board to automate some of your marking, leaving you more time to give individual feedback to students.

Discussions – You can use a D2L discussion board to keep that in class discussion alive throughout the week. This is where the more introspective students come out to shine!

Groups – You can put students into groups in D2L so that they can have their own group discussion board and their own place to submit assignments as a group. As a bonus, when you mark a group dropbox, D2L will send the mark to all group members automatically!

Calendar – Put important events into the calendar so students can see (in pretty colour codedness) important dates from course to course all at once.

Import, Export, Copy – When you start a new semester you get a fresh, blank D2L course page. But who wants to start from scratch? Use this tool to copy from a previous course offering and then update from there. Contact us for help.

Notifications – You can set up D2L to notify you of goings-on in D2L by email or text. Your students can set this up for themselves as well. Careful though, check off too many notification types and it may drive you bonkers!

Intelligent Agents – This tool thinks it’s real smart. And it is! You can have D2L let you know if something happens. For example, D2L can send you a list of people who have not logged in for a week so that you can track them down and berate them for not participating.

Release Criteria – This tool is pretty smart, too. You can make D2L release specific things to students depending on what they do. For example, release a funny celebratory video you created only to students who score over 90% on a quiz

Attendance – Use D2L’s attendance tool to track who shows up. You can add your own criteria other than just present/absent. For example, Absent/Present but Asleep/Present and Awake

Self-Assessments– This is the quiz tool masquerading as another tool, but it’s really just the same tool. These quizzes are not for marks only practice.

Statistics – Hidden in and around the tools are different statistics to see how things are going. You can find statistics in quizzes, content, rubrics, discussions, and grades.

User Progress – Want to see who’s doing what in D2L? User Progress helps you see which of your students is spending their time in D2L and who isn’t.

Badges and Awards – Present to your students a visual badge of achievement to indicate completion of a special module or a proficiency in a certain skill or knowledge

Remember, many of these tools can be used in creative combinations.  If you’re interested in trying something new and want some help, contact the LDSTeam at LDSTeam@flemingcollege.ca