D2L Course Share Registry


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Would you like to share what you do in D2L with your colleagues? Do you want to see what others are doing to get some great ideas?

Let’s open D2L up a little bit so that we can see what can be done and riff off of each other’s ideas. Seeing each other’s good work can be inspiring and motivating. Working in a lonely silo is maybe not so much.

Sign up for the Fleming Course Share Registry to allow access to your courses. The more you share, the more will be shared to you. Once you are granted access, you will be able to see how other teachers have presented material, as well as learning activities and assessments. You may see some innovative ideas that you could use with your courses. You will not see any student information in your colleague’s courses. You will be enrolled in the role of ‘Sharing Buddy’ 🙂

Course Share Registry List: See the list of which courses you may have access to if you’d like

Fill out this form to add your courses to the list and/or request access to one of the courses: