Instructions on how to embed H5P activities into your D2L Course

Creating Activities and Interactive Content for Your Courses and Embedding them in your D2L Course

Through our partnership with EcampusOntario, we have access to the Ecampus Ontario H5P Studio .  In this studio, you can create activities and interactive content for your course(s). You can also see what other faculty and teachers are creating. If you like something that is shared, you can USE IT!

For more information on what you can create using H5P, check out this resource.

Once you have created content and want to embed the content in your course in D2L, you can follow these instructions:

When you have created your activity in the eCampusOntario H5P Studio, click on the ‘Embed’ link  on  the  bottom  of  your H5P  activity









Click on the ‘Show Advanced’ + sign









You can either copy the <iframe> code or copy the dynamic sizing code and on a page of content in D2L








When you have created a file (how to create a file) in a module (how to create a module) in D2L, you can use the insert stuff icon   to access the ‘enter embed code’ option








Paste the ‘iframe’ information that you copied from your H5P activity in the ‘Enter Embed Code’ text box.

Then click ‘Next’













Make sure the box beside ‘Always trust this URL’ has a check mark in it, and click the ‘allow’ button

Click on the ‘Insert’ button

Click on the ‘Save and Close’ or the ‘Save’ button












And Voila..









If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team.