Instructor Slide-deck

Instructions for use:

This slide-deck is to be used at the beginning of the term to educate students on the use of Turn It In. You may use this slide-deck as a stand alone presentation or copy the slides into an existing introductory presentation if you use one.

If you are going to use Turn It In enabled dropboxes in your D2L course shell, you MUST present this slide-deck to your students, in-person, due to the instructor talking point supplied with each slide (in the notes area).

If you cannot see the notes upon opening this slide-deck, you can enable notes by clicking the ‘Notes’ icon on the bottom toolbar in Powerpoint.

After reviewing the ‘Instructor Instructions’ slide, please delete that slide before presenting to students.

Once you have presented this information in-person, you can post the Powerpoint to your course as an ongoing resource for students.

Instructor Slidedeck – Intro to Turn It In for Students