Faculty Courses in D2L

The LDS Team has developed several courses available in D2L to help support faculty across many areas of pedagogy. These courses are listed below with their release date and a general summary of the course. These courses are available for self-registration through the right sidebar in D2L, under the heading of Help for Everyone and then Self-Registration courses/modules for staff and students:

April 2020: Alternate Delivery Course Development

After this introductory course you will be able to:

      • Apply your knowledge of the differences, pros and cons, and examples of synchronous and asynchronous approaches, to reproduce face-to-face learning activities in an alternate delivery format
      • Evaluate face-to-face learning activities using the Absorb-Do-Connect model when planning equivalent alternate delivery activities
      • Configure and customize the setup and appearance of your D2L course shell to maximize learner engagement and the learner experience

March 2020: Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor Course

This course is setup to provide you with information about Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor. Fleming College is using this software to virtually proctor exams and tests that require proctoring.