Academic Division Retreat May 3, 2016

Some photos. Thanks for coming! Stay tuned for more takeaways from the day.

Copy of IMAG0580

The only ones to admit that they were here only because the boss said so.

Copy of IMAG0582

You two can speak four languages? Que?


Jodie has been (re)framed, I tells ya!

Copy of IMAG0589

Marcia is attentive, alert and ready for chair building


Attendees were provided with the tools they need to succeed. Literally.

Copy of IMAG0590

D2L Game Based Learning Table. Attendees were disappointed to find out that we were not going to play MarioKart.

Copy of IMAG0593

The Backwards Bike. No one died.

Copy of IMAG0596

Reframing Disability by Broadening Perspectives. Pay attention Mark!

Copy of IMAG0605

Creating Accessible Documents with Ian Guest. That water bottle look like a fire extinguisher!

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Enjoying the Fruits of Labour

Copy of IMAG0606

Alana taking people from D2L to D3L, amirite?

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A physical demo of neural pathways, which are forming new literal neural pathways in the participants. We have gone meta, people! It was a gripping yarn!

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Making the hard decisions

Copy of IMAG0615

Laurel wrapping things up!

Check out this link for all the info on the May 3rd Academic Division Retreat