Creating Engaging Learning Materials Session

Spring Teaching & Learning Day Session, Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017, Frost Campus

Facilitators: Terry Greene, Amanda Rochon, Carmen Gelette, Marcia Steeves

This session aligns with our Materials theme, which is part of “Element 3” from the Critical Elements of UDL in Instruction (, which looks at

  • Using a variety of media and methods to present information and content
  • Using a variety of methods to engage learners and promote their ability to monitor their own learning, and
  • Learners using a variety of media and methods to demonstrate their knowledge.

There are many ways to make learning materials more engaging. Participation in this session may result in learning one of those ways. We will discuss the vast array of materials and resources out there and then you will choose one of three ways to try to enhance those materials for better engagement. Learning tracks include:

  • Making your slides look lovely;
  • Screencasting computer stuff;
  • Harnessing your library powers.

Once you choose a track, you will get specialized, bootcamp style training in that skill and then you will put it into action. The session will culminate in a sharing showcase full of positive feedback for everyone. Instruction sets will be provided to everybody for all three learning tracks.

Slide Deck for this session

Instructions for breakout sessions

You will have 45 minutes to do some ‘making’ on your own and then it’s time for:

The Dolphin’s Den

Sharing time! The Dolphin’s Den is like the Dragon’s Den, except dolphins are nicer than dragons and only give positive feedback. Terry, Amanda and Carmen will be your dolphins. Each participant will have a short chance to share their awesome new thing in front of the Dolphins and everyone else.

“CREATE” flickr photo by Nick Saltmarsh shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license