Fall 2016 Teaching & Learning Day


Active learning , n.

1.The opposite of obedience lessons.

2. The strange idea that learning and learners should not be as passive as the dead. Like the dead, active learning is a source of wonder and dread to some of the living.

from Bryan Alexander’s A Devil’s Dictionary of Educational Technology

Today’s theme is Active Learning and we’re going to get active right away. You’re going to actively construct a group example/non-example/definition/representation of active learning.

How to get into your group

  • This is an activity to get you into a group of 4
  • You have 1/4 of a picture of a famous active learner
  • 2 sets of each picture, A & B versions (check back). Find others with the same letter.
  • Your mission: complete your picture to find your group. 

Puzzle Answers

Now that you’re in your group, here’s your task. We here in the LDS Team do not quite understand what active learning means and we need help. Here is the evidence:

So, to help us out, please make a 30-60 second video showing active learning

  • Use the video camera in one of your phones
  • Hold it sideways when filming. It looks better that way
  • You have 20 minutes
  • Go find a pretty background
  • Show active learning by…acting, describing, discussing, showing an example activity, criticizing… whatever you want.
  • Video can be about 30-60 seconds
  • Be back here at ________.
  • Come to the makerspace (specifically the D1 110 Lab) later to edit and share. Terry or Alana will be there to help.
  • We will share in two ways: with each other in a documentary of the day that we’ll put together in the makerspace, and we will share with the world in the form of today’s ds106 Daily Create.

Thank you for sharing!

Get ready to go on your merry way!

Sessions: Rooms max out so you may have to go to the makerspace if you’re too slow

  • Navigating Attendance & Accommodations 9:40-11:10 in D1 111
  • A Brief Atlas of the Digital Storytelling Process 11:20-12:50 in GDV Studio
  • Classroom Creeping Tour 2:00-3:30 Leaves from Makerspace


  • Runs all day alongside the sessions. Come and go as you please. KTTC Hallway and D1 110dsmakerspace2


Door prizes. You need to be tweeting to win. 1 tweet to #FlemingLDS = 1 Entry into door prize draw. 2 Tweets = 2 entries. You can extrapolate the pattern from there.

We also have 1 low-tech door prize draw for a Spa gift certificate at the registration table.

So, we will now put up the schedule for the rest of the day and you can choose your adventure from here. Remember to come see an LDS Team member in the Makerspace (D1 110) at some point to share your active learning videos.

The Schedule for the rest of the day