New Faculty Toolkit: Gone in 60 Seconds Version


This page is a collection of info from Fleming College departments and the faculty specific things that they do and what you as faculty should know about them.

Don’t just take our word for it, take their word for it! We gave them each one minute on video to convince you to click on the link to their department. Check them out. If a department has not yet completed their video, you will instead see the opening credits to Caillou as punishment.

Department: Office of the Vice President Academic

Visit: for a collection of words, links and images arranged in such a way that it tells you all about Office of the Vice President Academic

Department: Human Resources (HR)

Visit: Human Resources Website

Visit: College Policies and Procedures for all things policy and procedurey

Department: Information Technology Services (IT)

Visit:, email

Phone: 705-749-5530 ext. 4111, Located in the Learning Resource Centres at Frost Campus – FR340 and Sutherland Campus – C2102

Visit: Multi-Media Services: Steve’s Quick and Painless AV Training Video.

Visit: Duplicating Website: to clone yourself.. or something. Click it. You’ll find out.

Department: Tutoring and Academic Skills

Visit: to find campus specific contact details and more information

Online Booking

Department: Library

Library Information for Faculty:

Library Home:

Department: Student Housing

Visit: because it is the Student Housing website address

Department: Student Life

Visit: for CCR (non-Creedence version) information.

For more info on the Co-curricular Record contact:

 Department: Career Services

Visit: for everything they talked about in the video above, only in website format.

Department: Learning Design and Support Team

Visit: to enter our world.

Department: Academic Operations

Visit: to see if what they said in the video is true.

Department: Health Services

Visit: for that well-developed website they mentioned!

Department: Fleming Data Research

FDR said they would make a video but haven’t yet so here’s some Caillou.