COVID 19 Vaccination Policy and Consent Form

COVID 19 – Proof of Vaccination

Fleming College has introduced a mandatory Vaccine Policy for everyone who is approved to attend campus: including students, staff, faculty, contractors, and visitors. Campus is defined as any face-to-face learning environment such as placement sites.

Proof of vaccination can be submitted through our Fleming Safe Mobile app or the Fleming Safe Desktop app Vaccine Passport Module. This module allows you to submit proof of vaccination in advance of your expected arrival on campus. For those who cannot access the app and require assistance in person, please contact to schedule an appointment.

The full COVID -19 Vaccination Requirement Policy is available here:

COVID 19 – Informed Student Consent Form

In addition to providing proof of vaccination via the methods listed above,  students in the School of Health and Wellness and Justice and Community Development will be required to fill in the COVID-19 Informed Student Consent Form. This form needs to be filled in every semester before you attend  placement or clinical.

The link below contains the form. When it is complete you may send it by email to NARS or upload it to Synergy depending on where you are required to submit your documentation.

COVID 19: Informed Student Consent Form – Word document version
COVID 19: Informed Student Consent Form – Fillable PDF version

Any questions should be directed to