Police/Vulnerable Reference Check

Vulnerable Sector Checks

Any student who may work with children or vulnerable adults, or potentially have unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults in the ordinary course of placement or an education program, are required to obtain a Vulnerable Sector Check.

Photos of original Police/Vulnerable Sector Checks must be emailed to NARS@flemingcollege.ca or uploaded to Synergy, depending on your program.

***If you have charges on your criminal reference check for which you have not received a pardon, you must disclose the charges to your placement site prior to beginning placement***

Vulnerable Sector Check Letter

Police agencies may request a Vulnerable Sector Check request letter. This letter is available for downloading. Please choose the correct program. If you are not logged into myCampus, you will be prompted to log in:

CICE – Community Integration through Co-operative Education – Police Check Letter
CJS – Community and Justice Services – Police Check Letter
CPA – Community Pharmacy Assistant- Police Check Letter
CYW – Child and Youth Care – Police Check Letter
DA – Mental Health and Addictions – Police Check Letter
DMD/DMS – Dual Diploma Social Service and MHA – Police Check Letter
DSW – Developmental Service Worker –  Police Check Letter
ECE – Early Childhood Education – Police Check Letter
ED-EDD – Educational Support – Police Check Letter
FHP – Fitness and Health Promotion – Police Check Letter
HIM -Health Information Management – Police Check Letter
MAC – Massage Therapy – Police Check Letter
OTA-PTA – Occupational Therapist Assistant & Physiotherapist Assistant – Police Check Letter
PAA SAO – Pharmacy Assistant Accelerated – Police Check Letter
PHM – Pharmacy Technician – Police Check Letter
PMD – Paramedics – Police Check Letter
PN – Practical Nursing – Police Check Letter
PSW – Personal Support Worker – Regular Police Check Letter
RLS/RLD – Recreation and Leisure Services – Police Check Letter
RNF – Perioperative Nursing – Police Check Letter
SSW – Social Service Worker –  Police Check Letter
THR – Therapeutic Recreation – Police Check Letter

If you are in the PSW Acclerated Program and require a VSC request letter for a paid placement, please contact nars@flemingcollege.ca. Note: SAO PSW does not have a paid placment, please use PSW letter in links above.

**NOTE: For Students who have addresses in the CITY OF TORONTO**

You will need to request a Toronto Police Form letter from nars@flemingcollege.ca, fill it out, and return it back to nars@flemingcollege.ca to be signed by us. We will return it to you for you to send to Toronto Police. In the Subject Line to the NARs email, please state what your program code, name, and student number are. In the body of your email, we’ll need to know your address and what you’re looking for.

Students trying to get a Vulnerable Sector Check via Toronto Regional Police are now waiting approximately 6 weeks to have their application processed! In light of this wait time information, it is strongly suggested that our students find an option to have their check processed other than utilizing the Toronto Police.

If you can prove you have residency in a city other than Toronto, we would recommend you do so.


Peterborough Police – Criminal Checks


OPP Detachment Locator http://www.opp.ca/ecms/index.php?id=326