Mentor Role & Scope

Sometimes as a Mentor it is hard to distinguish what is in your scope of practice and what is not. Below is a chart to assist in defining your scope, however, when in doubt…find out!

A Mentor Is

A Mentor Is Not

Someone who shares their real life experiences to help others succeed Someone who presents “unverified” or “second-hand” knowledge or experiences as fact
Capable of stimulating your mentee’s own thinking and decision making Someone who does the thinking, or decision making, for your mentee
A supportive academic advisor to your mentee i.e. prioritization tips to complete assignments, referral to Tutoring as needed. A tutor. We do not help mentees with their homework. Instead we are the person that connects them with a tutor or Learning Strategist as needed
Someone who uses sound judgement to guide their mentee to personal supports as required A counselor. Mentors do not counsel our mentee’s; we recognize this must be done by professionals
A supporter who guides through encouragement and openness Someone who is negative, discouraging or biased
Capable of utilizing resources effectively and referring your mentee to the correct person The person who tries to do everything themselves. You must know where your role stops and someone else’s starts