Mentorship Groups on Campus

International Mentorship

International Mentorship is a great opportunity for you as a student to get involved and get to know our wonderful International Students here on campus! We offer a Mentorship program for our International Students in order for them to have a smooth transition to life here in Peterborough and on campus.

In the past we have done group outings like visiting the local Peterborough Axe Club, and on campus we have had an end of the semester lunch-in catered with Indian Cuisine giving our domestic Mentors a chance to taste some of the food from the Indian culture.

First Generation Mentorship

Fleming College offers a First Generation Mentorship Program. This program is designed to help our First Generation Students get to know the college life, answer questions about services we offer, and guide them through any hardships they might have.

A First Generation Student is someone who is first in their family to go to a post-secondary institution. Meaning their parent(s) / guardian(s) has/have not attend a post-secondary institution. For more information on First Generation Students please click here.


The Bishkaa (Anishinaabemowin for “Rise Up”) Program is a Mentorship program here at Fleming College designed to help support incoming Indigenous Students. For more information on The Bishkaa Program please click here you will be sent to our Aboriginal Student Services page.


The LGBTQ+ Mentorship program is available on campus to help support students integrating into college life here at Fleming. The LGBTQ+ Mentorship Program helps students make connections, get involved, and assist on any issues that may arise. For more information about The LGBTQ+ Mentorship Program and other services we offer here at Fleming for the LGBTQ+ community please click here.

Event’s, Ad-Hoc Mentorship, and More!

Don’t think you can be a Peer Mentor with your semester schedule? Still want to be involved? Good news is we are always looking for volunteers  for our event’s, Ad-hocs and more! Please click on the get involved tab above to see a current list of our volunteer opportunities!