3Ms – Mentorship | Mentor | Mentee

MENTORSHIP at Fleming College is…

  • Fleming student volunteers (Mentors) who offer new students support and guidance designed to cultivate their personal and academic success.

A Fleming College MENTOR is…

  • An upper semester or experienced post-secondary student who is…
    • A guide who helps their mentee find the resources they need to succeed on campus.
    • A peer educator who helps their mentee learn about college life.
    • A role model who demonstrates and encourages participation in college life, academic success and personal growth.
    • A coach who helps their partner reach their goals.
    • A confidant who respects the confidentiality of the mentoring relationship and who is not judgmental.

A Fleming College MENTEE is…

  • Any student at Fleming with a desire to:
    • Connect with other students and the Fleming College community
    • Seek Inspiration for professional and personal growth
    • Get Advice and referrals to College resources as required
    • Gain Perspective and understanding through other’s experiences