Why Mentor?

Help a MENTEE…what’s in it for ME? Mentorship is a two-way-street with participants learning and growing together. It sounds cliché but mentoring benefits the Mentor as much (or sometimes more) than the Mentee.

As a Fleming College Mentor you will not only experience the endless rewards of helping your peers you will:

  • Meet and network with students from across program disciplines
  • Develop leadership skills and confidence
  • Enhance your resume and portfolio
  • Develop your Co-Curricular Record through attending training sessions
  • Be given the opportunity to plan, participate, and volunteer in on-campus activities. Volunteer opportunities may include:
    • Being an ambassador for Fleming College Peer Mentoring at on-campus events and various initiatives.
    • Creating written and visual materials for on-campus publications.
    • Get creative by providing ideas and insights into Mentorship at Fleming College programming, events, and initiatives.
    • Planning Peer Mentoring events and so much more…

But why take our word for it? Here are some testimonies from other Mentors!

International Peer Mentor

“Mentorship helped me become a better me, I would recommend Peer Mentoring to anyone and everyone . There is no greater meaning to life then having the ability to help and lift others up in their most trying times, and making a difference in peoples lives is the greatest gift you can give to the world and yourself. ” – Alannah Kennedy