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Policy ID: #1-107
Manual Classification: Section 1 – College Policies
Approved by Board of Governors: May 1, 2002
Effective Date: May 1, 2002
Next Policy Review Date: n/a
Revision Date: Supercedes Policy #4-401 March 8, 1995 #7
Administrative Contact for Policy Interpretation Manager of Libraries
Linked to an Operating Procedure No

Policy Statement

Sir Sandford Fleming College shall maintain the pertinent records of the College in the College Archives.


Sir Sandford Fleming College Archives shall be maintained by the Manager of Libraries and Technical Support Services.
The archives shall hold records of and/or materials relating to:

  1. the Board of Governors of Sir Sandford Fleming College
  2. the Council of Regents (which evolved into the College Compensation and Appointments Council and later, the College Employers Council)
  3. College Council (now known as President’s Advisory Council)
  4. academic program proposals
  5. publications intended for the College community
  6. any other records considered suitable by the Manager of Libraries and Technical Support Services.

All material received and accepted by the archives will be accessioned and suitable finding aids produced. The Manager of Libraries and Technical Support Services shall be responsible for the disposition of materials in the Archives. Archive material shall be open, subject to decision by the Manager of Libraries and Technical Support Services and the donor.


It is the joint responsibility of the President’s Office and Information Technology Services through the Chief Information Officer to see that these procedures are properly enforced and to negotiate any alteration to them as required.
He/she draws the authority for this from the Policy 1-107 dated May 1, 2002.