Cobourg Campus

Ancillary fees are fees that all students are required to pay in order to enrol in or successfully complete any course or program of instruction. Changes to ancillary fees are approved by your Student Governments and by Fleming’s Board of Governors.

Student Association Ancillary Fees

Fee Name Description Original Approved 20-21 Fees Winter Term Adjusted 20-21
Student Administrative Council Provincial Advocacy This fee supports participation in advocacy efforts for Colleges in Ontario, along with college student associations in Ontario. 5.00 5.00
Student Administrative Council Governance This fee supports the existence and engagement of a student Board of Directors to serve the social and political needs of the student body.  Board members serve on various college committees and have input into policy decisions at the College. 8.00 8.00
Health Plan

The Health Plan fee provides the student with health insurance while in college including prescription, dental vision and extended health coverage.  Students may opt out of this fee with proof of coverage.  Details can be found here.

The fee is paid once per academic year 

 280.00 280.00
Academic Supports 9.50 9.50

Fleming Ancillary Fees

Fee Name Description Original Approved 20-21 Fees Winter Term Adjusted 20-21
Alumni Fee The alumni fee provides a lifetime of alumni benefits including professional development,  networking opportunities and access to alumni discounts and services.  14.90 14.90
Student Achievement & Records Provides for convocation ceremonies and receptions and the production and issuing of diplomas, certificates and transcripts. 11.78 11.78
Information Technology Fee This fee is used to support student-focused IT services including by not limited to the student portal,  WiFi, high-speed internet access and service desk support. 101.81 101.81
Health and Counselling Health services provide on-site nursing by a Registered Nurse who supports physician clinics on-campus,  health education and promotion and referrals to specialists and community agencies.  Counselling services offers mental health supports through on-line self-serve resources, walk-in appointments, psycho-educational groups and workshops, and short term supportive counselling.  Mental Health awareness events provide a contribution to a reduction in student waitlists for mental health counselling. 49.89 49.89
Career Services This service provides assistance with career planning and job search skills,  access to valuable on-line resources, as well as connecting students with work opportunities on and off-campus through the online job board. 13.70 13.70
Academic Supports Provides services such as tutoring and development of academic skills through small groups,  on-on-one or on a drop-in basis.  Academic transition and integration support services including academic orientation sessions and activities each term, peer supports, co-curricular learning and communications, and guidance through the appeals process. 23.94 23.94
One Card One Card is the official Fleming College identification card, with the added benefit of access to services both on and off campus. One Card will provide students with access to College services, including point of sale for vending purchases in Residence, on-campus dining (meal plans), laundry, printing/copying, Campus Store purchases, library services, access to the athletic facilities, and other transactions on campus. 10.00 10.00