Non Academic Requirements

Students registered with the School of Health and Wellness are required to submit Non Academic Requirements (NARs) to participate in placement.

Please see the Non Academic Requirements menu above for important information regarding each requirement. If you drag your pointer over the Non Academic Requirements title in the menu bar, the submenu options will be visible.

The specific set of requirements for each program is located on the NARs by Program Page. The submission deadlines for the term can be located on the NARs Deadlines page. A listing of frequently asked questions can be located on the NARs FAQs  (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

The Non Academic Requirements have been agreed upon between the School and our placement sites as a condition of placement, and any student who has not fulfilled these requirements by the deadline will not be permitted to participate.

Please note: A particular placement site may request additional requirements over and above what the School of Health and Wellness requires. Please discuss any specific requirements with your site as soon as possible.

Any questions regarding Non Academic Requirements can be forwarded to