Non Academic Requirements – Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Does Fleming College store my NARs documents long term?

We ask that all students return to the NARs office to pickup any documentation that they have left, before the end of each Term. Any documents which are not picked up will eventually be sent to archive storage, making retrieval by the student more difficult than were they retrieved during the term submitted.

I have graduated and a potential employer is asking for the copy of one of my NARs documents which I have misplaced. Can Fleming send me a copy?

Fleming College does not keep duplicates of any submitted document. The dates from your document are recorded however any results or other important information from your NARs is not recorded. Therefore, we cannot provide copies of your submitted NARs documents.


The link to AODA does not work for me. What should I do?

Visit the AODA page and read through the troubleshooting information at the bottom of the page, which provides screenshots on how to access the training.

I am not able to print the certificate for AODA. What should I do?

Visit the AODA page and read through the troubleshooting information at the bottom of the page, which provides screenshots on how to print a summary of any additional training you have completed at Fleming, including AODA.

Vulnerable Sector Check

I have a receipt for my Vulnerable Sector Check. Can I bring it in to fulfill the requirement for these items?

The NARs office will not accept or record any receipts for any NARs, including the vulnerable sector check. You must bring in the actual document before the deadline to be eligible for placement.

I have charges on my criminal check. Am I ineligible for placement?

You should discuss your charges with the Coordinator of your program to determine how they might affect your ability to go on placement. If you proceed to placement, you MUST disclose your criminal record to your placement site before stating placement.

You may also  consider trying to obtain a pardon for the charge. The Parole Board of Canada has provided information on the pardon process here: You can can find video tutorials on applying for a pardon here:

Where do I need to go to obtain the Vulnerable Sector Check?

You will need to go to the Police Station for the geographic area in which you reside and can prove your residency. You will need to prove your address using a piece of government issued I.D. which proves you reside in the area.

I have been asked to produce a letter from the College to obtain the Vulnerable Sector check. What do I need to do?

If you are asked to produce a letter from the College in order to obtain the Vulnerable Sector check, please contact Janice Brunetti in room A2-132.4 in order to obtain this letter.

What if I do not have any I.D. which states the current address at which I am residing?

You will need to either go to the station in the geographic area or inquire with the police station you intend to visit, whether you can prove your address using another means such as: lease agreement with address, utility bill with address, bank statement with address, and/or letter from your landlord.

What if I am living in Residence at a Fleming College campus?

The Residence Office can provide you a letter to attest to your residency on campus. The contact information for each Residence Office is:

Frost Residence

1 Auk Trail, Box 5500

Lindsay, ON K9V 6G6


705-878-9330 (fax)

Sutherland Residence Village

1 Residence Circle, Box 4375

Peterborough, ON K9K 2N7


705-749-5104 (fax)

Standard First Aid and CPR Level C or HCP

Where can I go to obtain First Aid and CPR C (or HCP) certification?

Fleming College Continuing Education  provides frequent training and re-certification in First Aid and CPR. Please contact them to register for the next available session or you may visit their website to register online at: Register.

Why is the CPR C level required?

CPR-C is full CPR with adult, child and infant skills plus Automated External Defibrillator. This is the level Fleming College requires our students have. Students who are enrolled in the Paramedic and Massage Therapy Programs must have CPR Level HCP for their professional standards.

CPR-A is CPR with Adult skills only plus Automated External Defibrillator. There are no child or infant skills covered in this level.

If I received my original First Aid with CPR C (or HCP) certification from one provider, can I go to a different provider for the yearly CPR re-certification?

In order to re-certify your existing CPR C (or HCP) certification, you must go to the same provider that issued the original certificate, otherwise you will need to do the entire course again rather than just the re-certification course.

Why do I require an annual re-certification when the CPR C (or HCP) card states a 3 year validity period?

Within the Health and Community Development fields, CPR C (HCP) is expected to be re-certified annually (or bi-annually for PRN students) in order to maintain your hands-on, practical skills.

Can I take an online first aid and CPR C (HCP) course or re-certification?

Because the fields of Health and Wellness rely on workers having up-to-date practical and hands-on skills, we will accept only face-to-face courses for the First aid and CPR C (HCP) requirements.

Immunizations, TB, Flu Shot

What happens if I submit the Immunization form after the deadline stated on the Form?

Health Services’ policies on late entry immunization forms can be found at the Fleming Health Services Website.

What will happen if I do not obtain the Flu Shot?

If you are registered in a program that requires the flu shot, you will be unable to participate in placement. You will need to sign a waiver in the NARs office A2-132.4 stating your understanding of these consequences.

If you are registered in a program where the flu shot is not mandatory please be aware that if there is an outbreak of the flu at your placement site, you may be sent home for the duration of the outbreak. Should the length of the outbreak be extensive, your ability to obtain the required hours to complete placement may be at risk. As such, it is recommend that all students receive the flu shot.

Mask Fit Testing

I have registered for Mask Fit testing through Continuing Education however a link to choose a session does not show up under ‘My Courses’  in D2L?

The link for Mask Fit will not appear until after day 10 of Semester 1. If your link to Mask Fit testing does not show up, please contact Continuing Education and they will advise you.

Do I need to submit my Mask Fit card to the Non Academic Requirements Office? My Mask Fit testing was completed at Fleming.

The results of Mask Fit testing are not automatically forwarded to the Non Academic Requirements office and therefore the student must submit these results directly to room A2-132.4 (NARs Office). Failure to do so will mark your Non Academic Requirements as incomplete and place your ability to attend placement at risk.


Where can I go to obtain NVCI?

Fleming College Continuing Education  provides  training in Non Violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI). Please contact them to register for the next available session or you may visit their website to register online at: Register.