All field practice locations must be approved by the student’s faculty supervisor or Program

Co-ordinator. Significant factors that will determine the location of the field practice include the suitability and appropriateness of the setting, the quality of the student’s performance in previous semesters and the availability of College resources.

In special situations where students will receive a unique experience which cannot be duplicated within the province, exceptions can be made to allow for out-of-province, and out-of-country, field practice. Such exceptions will be negotiated on a case by case basis with the student’s Program Co-ordinator.

Where the student is charged with the responsibility of securing their own field practice experience and chooses, of their own volition, an out-of-town setting, any extra expenses incurred will be deemed to be their responsibility. In a placement situation that is out-of-province/country, the student is covered by a private accident insurance policy paid for by the Ministry of Colleges & Universities.

Please review, both Faculty and Student, the provided “Waiver” which includes specific requirements at the top of the page that must be met to have students do Out-of-Province placements:Waiver/Out-of-Province Form


OHIP – Out-of-Province Placement Coverage

Out-of-Province Letter of Agreement TEMPLATE
Please contact your Placement Liaison, Benita Brett at:  benita.brett@flemingcollege.ca

to work with you through this process.