Placement Checklist

Before commencing placement, there are several things that you will want to ensure you have done, in order to ensure a smooth start to your placement experience.

Please see below for a checklist of the steps to take prior to commencing placement

** Note that we do not guarantee placements**

Placement Checklist

1. Ensure you have submitted all of the Non Academic Requirements for your program by the posted deadlines to Janice Brunetti in room A2132.4.

2. Ensure that your WSIB Student Letter has been filled out and submitted to room A2132.4.

3. Check with your placement site (if you have arranged your own placement) or your Instructor (for School assigned placements)to find out if there are any Non Academic Requirements for your placement, which are in addition to those already submitted to the School.

4. If you are planning to attend an International placement, ensure you have made an appointment with the Placement Liaison,  Benita Brett in room C2136, well in advance to review the process for International placements.  Passport Processing Times and Costs

5. Ensure that your placement has filled out a WSIB Letter to Placement Employers. The placement may have already done so and the letter is required only once. If the employer is unsure of whether this has been done, please consult  Benita Brett in room C2136.