PRHC Site Requirements

Effective immediately, PRHC requires the additional requirements of:

PRHC Confirmation Memo  (can be done with our own letter format)

PRHC’s Postsecondary Unpaid Placement Student Release Form

PRHC Confidentiality Form

These are non-negotiable requirements, with special and specific attenttion the content of the Confirmation Memo stating that all placement students (unless shadowing) must have the listed requirements including NVCI, WHMIS and AODA.

Jan Brunetti will be collecting proof of NVCI, WHMIS and AODA in room A2132.4.

Program Coordinators will be generating the PRHC Confirmation Memo Letters upon proof of all met requirements stated in the letter.  Benita Brett will then send the generated letters to PRHC as proof of compliance.

Thank you!