Welcome from the Dean

Welcome to the School of General Arts and Sciences (GAS) at Fleming College. Our school includes certificate pathway programs that pave the way for students to pursue either college or university studies. We also offer Communications, Mathematics, Science, Psychology and General Education courses that are critical to providing students with a breadth of knowledge alongside their discipline-specific education. Notably, the School also offers the opportunity for students work toward an Indigenous Perspectives Designation (IPD). IPD allows students to explore, learn and participate in Indigenous ways of thinking and knowing as they pursue their studies in select programs at the College. Our students graduate with a well-rounded education that prepares them to be thoughtful, engaged global citizens with transferable skills that ensure success within work and within their communities.

General Arts and Sciences programs and courses are offered at all of our campuses through online and face-to-face delivery. I encourage you to look at the GAS offerings to learn more about how our School can enhance your educational journey.

Angela Stukator
School of General Arts and Sciences
Haliburton School of Art + Design